VK2SNO is the Club callsign of the Snowy Mountains Amateur Radio Club Inc.

The Club conducts a Net every Saturday night hosted by Bill VK2ZZF operating as VK2SNO at 1930 hours on VK2RSE (147.375 MHz no tone) and can be heard right across the 2m linked network on VK2RFS (146.750 MHz no tone) and VK3RDH (146.625 MHz no tone).

We welcome all amateurs from outside the region to join our weekly either via Echolink Node 685091 or IRLP Node 6211.

Anyone without a radio can listen to the Weekly Net via Broadcastify by clicking here.


You can listen to the WIA News Broadcast every week on the 2m network. The Broadcast is put to air every Sunday at 0900 hours.


We encourage Callbacks from all listeners to either the Weekly Net or the WIA Broadcast to help both the Club and the WIA gauge the audience and reach of these two weekly events. You can make a Callback via email if you are a listener by sending in your name and location and any additional comments you wish to make to