You can listen to the Snowy Mountains and NSW South Coast 2m network 24/7 online by using the Broadcastify online streaming service. You can also listen to the Club’s weekly 2m Net held every Saturday at 1930 hours and the WIA Weekly Broadcast on Sundays at 0900 and 1800 hours.

Connect to Broadcastify on your computer and listen to us by clicking here: Broadcastify

You can connect to Broadcastify on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the Broadcastify App to your device. Download the Broadcastify app for Android here: Google Play Store or for iOS here: Apple

Once you have downloaded the App to your device navigate to Global Feed Catalog/Australia/NSW/Statewide/VK2RFS 2M South East Network Bega NSW. Once you are on our feed page please save it as one of your favourites so that you can connect directly the next time you open the App.

Please note there is usually a one to two minute delay in the livestream from actual broadcast.