Wireless Institute of Australia:

Amateur Radio NSW:

Radio & Electronics School:

Australian Maritime College Tasmania:

ACMA Callsign Lookup:

What is Amateur Radio? (An American page with US & UK content relevant to newcomers in Australia)

Amateur Radio Beginner articles.

Listen to the 2m South East Network 24/7 on Broadcastify here:

A great link to an ABC article about Amateur Radio:

An interesting article about Tony Hutchinson VK5ZAI and the fantastic work he has done with getting Australian students talking with Astronauts on the International Space Station:

Another article about Amateur Radio and the ISS. This one is about Shane Lynd who was a pleasure to deal with and was instrumental in getting the Monaro High School connected with the ISS:

This is a link to a fascinating story about Australia’s Ray Naughton who performed the first successful moonbounce using homebrew equipment. It’s a great read:

Amateur Radio and emergency communications:

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